Parents Night Out

Parent's Night Out & Respite Care

Affordable, Safe, and Fun Daycare for the busy parents, who just need a break!!


Parent’s Night Out Program…How it works…………….

For only $25.00 from 6 pm to 10 pm, children can enjoy a fun time together at our daycare center while their parents can have some time to themselves or just to get things done! Parents can also bring additional children/child for $3.00 more per child.  This service is offered on the last Friday Night of every month (excluding holidays).  If services are only needed for the minimum of 2 hours, then that rate will be $5.00 an hour and drop ins $7.00 an hour with an additional child/children at $3.00 a child.  All registration forms must be turned in and fees paid in advance before 3pm on the parent’s night out date.

Movie Night 


Themed, Nightly Fun, Movies and Popcorn nights, Arts and Crafts, Computer Games, Table Games, Board Games, Dress up play, Toys, Toys, and More Toys and so much more!!!!
Call for more information @ 903-533-0812

**Please bring your child to Visions of Learning for a tour prior to leaving your child so that he/she may be comfortable and adjusted to the separation from their parents.

Let Us Bring The Services To You

In addition to our location, we also provide A to Z Mobile, through A to Z Mobile, Respite, and Nanny Services.  We oversee childcare for about any event imagined.  Visions of Learning, a licensed facility, now offers services for date nights, holiday shopping, dinner parties, weddings, receptions, respite care if needing just a break, and for traveling visitors in town.  Let our staff, which have background checks, fingerprinting, and current CPR/First Aid come and assist you.  These are just some of the events we offer our services.  We will bring our staff to your location to entertain and supervise the children while you and your guests relax and enjoy yourselves.

We can accommodate any size event!  You provide the space or room and we will provide the toys, games, snacks, and craft activities, as well as experienced staff who plan their lessons with research based curriculum.  Our workers are already cleared with ECE experience for hire!  We are experienced to work with infants 6 weeks to 12 year olds.

When planning your party or special event, give your guests the convenience of bringing their children, knowing that they’ll be happily playing while safe and secure right down the hall, next door and even at your home.  Relieve your guests of the burden of finding a babysitter in order to attend your event!

Rates are $15.00 per hour, with a $15.00 set up fee for multiple children which includes 1 babysitter to 3 children, with only 2 children being 12 months and younger.   For just 1 child the rate is $15.00 per hour with a set up fee of $10.00.  This is care for 4 hours minimum. (6pm-10pm- Fri/Sat).  Full day care for multiple children is $50.00 with a $25.00 set up fee and for 1 child that rate is $40.00 with a $15.00 set up fee with an 8 hour minimum.  (10 AM to 6 PM-weekends).  Regardless if care is needed or used for the min. of 4 and 8 hours, these prices still remain.

Inclusion Care is included for those children with Special Needs………Call for more information @ 903-533-0812